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Easing the Burden of Homelessness in Durham, North Carolina 


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The Backpack Project of Durham is a Duke student-run 501©(3) nonprofit organization committed to serving those experiencing homelessness in Durham, North Carolina. We aim to host charitable volunteer programs based on service gaps identified in the Durham community; raise money, help assemble, and distribute homeless care backpacks; and raise awareness about the causes of homelessness.


Packing and hand-delivering backpacks filled with essential supplies



Establishing a personal connection to uplift each client that we encounter


Connecting our clients to other homeless service providers within their community


Easing the burden of homelessness, one backpack at a time.

Join our chapter and volunteer to help those experiencing homelessness in Durham! 

Contact us to help ease the burden of homelessness today!

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The Backpack Project, Inc. ("TBP") is a student-run 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to packing and hand-delivering backpacks containing food, toiletries, and other necessities to those experiencing homelessness. As one of the newest chapters, TBP Durham operates throughout the state of North Carolina with a focus on Durham. In large part due to our sponsors, partners, and community members like you, we've been able to create marked impacts in all of our communities. We ourselves have been deeply humbled and moved by our clients. The connections and relationships we form through simple conversations with our clients inspire us to tackle homelessness with creativity and compassion.

Learn more about our parent organization, TBP Inc.


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Each backpack contains over 40 food, toiletry, and clothing items, among other essentials. We refine the supplies in our backpacks biannually through focus groups and research conducted with our clients.  We have a commitment to listening to our clients and taking their recommendations seriously, catering our backpacks to their most pressing needs.

We are able to create each backpack with 40+ high-quality items for less than $20 dollars by leveraging our connections with corporations who donate many of our supplies in-kind. In addition, we conduct biannual product sourcing research aiming to look for wholesale vendors with high utility supplies at a low cost. As a result, our backpack supplies are informed by our clients, and each individual item is further refined to be the best quality possible.


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In addition to our monthly backpack packings and distributions, we host various volunteer opportunities each week. These opportunities range from tutoring at and helping refurbish our local homeless shelters, to helping prepare healthcare resource guides. We would love to see you help with these events and projects. All of our service focuses on developing real, long-lasting relationships with our community partners and clients.

Learn more about our projects and volunteer opportunities!


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